Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

3 Reasons You Should Consider Recruitment Outsourcing (RPO)

As competition for the best talent heats up, more and more employers are looking for better, more efficient options to acquire talent without having to build an internal army of recruiters. Enter Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) – a highly effective recruitment practice that has been successfully adopted by companies like Tesla, IBM, Barclays, Google, and Facebook to name just a few.

What is RPO?

RPO is outsourcing all or part of the recruitment functions to an external service provider. An RPO provider can provide as much or as little help as needed including sourcing, hiring, and onboarding.

Why RPO? 

Custom Solutions that Scale or Shrink to Your Needs: RPO helps companies address real-world fluctuations in hiring activity. Scale up the team during a hiring surge and scale down when things slow down. This is often the case for companies that have just raised capital, landed a big client, or won a major grant and need to scale up quickly. Companies need a full-scale recruitment team but for a short time. In such cases, RPO is far more efficient than hiring temps.

Cost Efficient and Faster Time to Hire: Taking the RPO route can reduce recruitment costs by 50%. Contract recruiters in the US typically cost $75 – $95 / hour. An outsourced solution can deliver the same service at half the cost as RPOs leverage economy of scale, have proven recruitment processes and channels that reduce administrative burden, and a good RPO provider will come with robust network of candidates that allows them to find talent faster and without heavy advertising investments.

Global Recruiting Know-How: Hiring rules and processes are very different from country to country, and any HR or Talent Acquisition Director who has tried to scale up internationally knows what a daunting, time-consuming challenge that can be. RPO provider has the knowledge and expertise in expanding your team globally.

Gava Talent Solutions  supports businesses with world-class talent acquisition support when and where Clients need us.

We are the trusted partner and favorite problem-solver as there are very few positions or countries we cannot help you with. We leverage our 17,000+ candidate network to deliver qualified professionals who are difficult to reach via traditional sources like job boards or even LinkedIn reducing time to hire for our clients by 50%.

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