Creating a Strategy for Optimizing Global Hiring

6 Tactics to Consider When Optimizing Your Global Hiring Strategy

Over the course of the last few years, the global workforce has been forced to embrace a “work from anywhere” strategy to accommodate consistently evolving rules and regulations governing the workplace. As a result of this shift, businesses have begun to embrace the benefits of a remote work structure. And as recruiting and onboarding processes have turned virtual, companies across the globe are quickly realizing one primary benefit of this change: physical office locations no longer dictate talent pools. By implementing the right tools and strategies to adapt to this new industry standard, businesses are more likely to revolutionize their remote recruitment strategies and drive hiring success overall.

While the virtual hiring trend continues to break down boundaries for recruitment teams everywhere, there are a few key tactics to keep in mind as you continue to adapt to the constantly evolving global hiring landscape:

  1. Emphasize Internal Hiring
  2. Invest in Technology
  3. Embrace Skills-Based Hiring
  4. Highlight Company Culture
  5. Enhance Employee Benefits
  6. Work with an Expert


Emphasize Internal Hiring

While hiring from within is not a new concept, many companies are putting a stronger emphasis on this strategy for a variety of reasons. Internal hiring can eliminate the administrative burden of recruiting externally while simultaneously reducing the time and cost required to source an external candidate. By filling available positions internally first, not only are you being resourceful by utilizing the skills and talent already available to you, but you’re also more likely to have a positive impact on employee engagement and satisfaction, which will ultimately reduce employee turnover. Once you’ve put an internal hiring strategy in place, you can free up the time and resources necessary to tap into the external talent pool to add key skills sets quickly and efficiently to your team.


Invest in Technology

As a result of the ongoing labor shortage, candidates are in a unique position to demand more from the start of the interview process – and a poor experience could deter a potential new hire from accepting a position. To improve your chances, we recommend making the candidate experience as seamless and informative as possible from the outset. Start by investing in convenient tools like automated scheduling apps, allowing candidates to schedule their own meetings based on joint availability.

Investing in cutting-edge video tools offers a multitude of ways to enhance the candidate experience. For example, some tools allow employers to add personalized videos explaining more about the company’s culture or the specific role. Some companies even allow candidates to pre-record a video interview, so they can conduct it on their own schedule and even re-record their answers to ensure they are performing to the best of their ability.


Embrace Skills-Based Hiring

Employers that want to stay ahead of the hiring curve in 2022 should start evaluating potential new hires based on their skill sets instead of their work history. According to an article by the Harvard Business Review, “shifting to a skills-focused approach is a viable solution to an evolving workforce dilemma.”

To do so successfully, job descriptions should be focused on skills necessary to perform the role, instead of qualifications and requirements. In other words, “focus on the results you’d like to see, rather than the qualifications that you think could deliver them.” By highlighting the desired skillsets you’d like to see in a candidate, you can eliminate unnecessary barriers to entry, like the requirement of a four-year degree.


Highlight Company Culture

Another article by the Harvard Business Review explains that “culture doesn’t exist within walls; it exists within people, so you have to build culture through people, wherever they sit.” To attract top talent, it’s important to emphasize your company’s values and the culture you will bring to potential employees’ lives. Companies that have a strong, positive culture are more likely to present better opportunities for employees to feel and perform their best. Ultimately, building a positive company culture begins with the hiring process. When a company’s core values are clearly communicated from the start, employers are more likely to find new candidates that are committed to fostering your culture and values from day one.


Enhance Employee Benefits

As we continue to adapt to the so-called “new normal” it’s become increasingly apparent that employee benefits can be life-changing – especially those centered around flexibility, financial well-being, and mental health. To better support both current and prospective employees, businesses should revise their benefits packages to accommodate these needs. To start, employers should consider opting into a flexible work approach, as many remote workers have thrived due to improved work-life balance over the course of the pandemic. In a survey by Harvard Business School, research found that 81% of professionals either don’t want to go back to the office or would prefer a hybrid schedule. Employers who can offer this kind of flexibility are more likely to find and place the right candidates.

As the work-from-home trend continues, providing enhanced childcare benefits, like paid access to online platforms to find care, new parent support or cash subsidiaries, could make a huge impact on an employees’ quality of life. Expanding mental health benefits is another crucial aspect to consider. This could include access to online therapy or coaching services and paid access to programs designed to reduce stress and promote mindfulness, such as Headspace or Calm. Some employers have opted to provide increased access to telemedicine, which can lower employee healthcare costs while achieving better patient satisfaction and increased patient engagement. Additionally, remote employees will likely benefit more from virtual health offerings such as online fitness classes, virtual gym memberships, or home-gym reimbursement programs. Overall, optimizing your benefits package and effectively communicating these options to current employees and potential new hires will help you attract and retain top talent.


Consult an Expert

When expanding your search across borders, it is imperative that companies understand and comply with all local laws and regulations during the recruitment and hiring process. From contracts to payroll and benefits, to employee classification, a small misstep can be extremely costly, and could even lead to reputational damage.

When in doubt, consult the experts. Working with a professional staffing company can be extremely beneficial to firms looking to fill a specific position, or those that are focused on rapidly addressing high volume staffing needs.  They’ll also be able to help ensure that you’re in line with proper salary ranges and the cultural differences that are critical to hiring top talent. Additionally, Employers of Record (EOR) and other corporate service providers who specialize in international expansion can provide industry-specific information regarding what is mandated and customary in other jurisdictions.

While there are many benefits that of the work-from-anywhere trend that’s emerged in the global workforce, it’s important to remember that candidate expectations have shifted in as many ways as the way we work has. To succeed and stay ahead of the curve, employers need to do more than offer competitive salaries and benefits packages. Instead, they must go above and beyond to ensure a compelling, and compliant, employee experience – and this should start with the hiring process.


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