Using Artificial Intelliagence for Profiling When Recruiting Internationally

Using Artificial Intelligence for Profiling When Recruiting Internationally

We all know that artificial intelligence is a hot topic as an innovative technology. It is also paradigm shifting, raising complex questions about how to manage and thrive in this rapidly changing world. Gava Talent Solutions President Bill Armstrong is featured in this Globig podcast discussing recruiting and profiling using artificial intelligence, their implications for candidates, and the impact internationally of GDPR on candidates.

Bill shares his thoughts on:

  • Some of the pitfalls to avoid when using AI for hiring and profiling
  • The benefits for using AI for profiling and recruiting
  • How AI is being used in the hiring process and what the goal is for using AI
  • The challenges of applying artificial intelligence for profiling from an international perspective with GDPR
  • Helpful tips for how applicants can make sure their resume stands out for AI algorithms

About Bill Armstrong

Bill Armstrong guides the strategic direction, expansion, and operation of the global talent acquisition organization Gava Talent Solutions. Bill’s 20 years of experience in the recruitment industry has proven his unique approach to problem solving. From winning awards to improving sales by 160% to launching new service lines, Bill is a leading expert in the field.

This article was originally published on Globig.