Bill Armstrong and Ragu Bhargava Spoke at HR West Conference 2019

Over 50-70% of recruiting teams report feeling overwhelmed by the process of reviewing and shortlisting the resumes they receive. Historically low unemployment rates have intensified the war for talent making it more critical for recruiters to leverage technology to engage their networks and improve their search methodology. In turn, artificial intelligence and machine learning offer the ability to efficiently streamline the search for talent.

Last Wednesday, President Bill Armstrong and CEO Ragu Bhargava spoke at HR West Conference 2019. At the event, they spoke on the topic of Disruptive HR: How AI is Changing the HR Game. A big thanks to everyone who attended the session!

This session delved into challenges and pitfalls of employing cutting-edge tech in HR. The use of AI can be convenient for candidates, provide consistency across candidate interactions, and save time in several respects. However, using AI requires large volumes of data and there is a potential for human biases if one does not commit enough time to setting it up. Before taking the steps to employ AI, make sure to consider all aspects of this technology.

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Photos from the Session



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