Case Study: Streamlining the Hiring Process

Learn how GTS streamlined the hiring process for one company.

The Client

Our Client, a technological leader in lithium-ion battery production, created a new battery platform to encourage innovation in materials, design, production, and packaging. The company increases enterprise value through their innovative products, high-volume production, and global commercialization.

The Vision

Founded in 2007, our Client secured investments from tech giants such as Intel and Qualcomm to build the multi-million-dollar tech company that it is today. Originating in California, the company reached a point in their development where they were ready to expand production operations overseas. The Client determined the ideal location for their production facility was in the Philippines.

The Challenge

Our Client needed to hire 12 mechanical and chemical engineers in the Philippines over the course of three months. By the end of this time period all 12 employees needed to be onboarded, then trained in the United States. The Client needed to identify candidates within a country with which they were unfamiliar at the time. The biggest roadblock, however, was pirating by sister companies in the Philippines. The company had to operate under the radar, with no PR outreach, as they had not yet publicly released knowledge about their core product – their battery technology. This made the three-month deadline even more intimidating. While primed and positioned for expansion, our Client needed a way to attract top talent despite limited local knowledge about their company.

The Solution

Gava Talent Solutions took the reins for the hiring process in the Philippines, researching the local talent market and educating the client on available options…read the full case study here.