Get Me Out of Here! Part 2

In my last blog, Get Me out of Here!, we discussed the inevitability of changing jobs and how crucial it is for professionals to ABN—Always Be Networking. The first step was to get going on LinkedIn and reconnect with people in your past.

Having accomplished that (you have, right?) what is next?

Meetings with People

Set up those “catching up” calls, coffees, lunches. The agenda is human and professional. What have they been doing that is fun and exciting? How is their family? Have they taken any recent trips?

Then move from the human side into the professional side. What have they been accomplishing in their career? What do they like and dislike about their current opportunity? Of course, this is a two way street so be prepared to answer similar questions. Either way, remember the business development adage: a human has two ears and one mouth and great salespeople use them in that proportion to learn more.

As to approaching people, you will ultimately want to ask them for their advice and help. And when you ask for their advice that is offering a compliment, showing that their two cents count. From my experience, 90% plus of the general population love to help others.

Last item – always ask who else you should know or connect with. You will continue expanding your network to better invest in your future.

If you require a bit more guidance for these discussions, read How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie. It is one of the most read book of all time and that is for a reason.

In summary, you are now networking, using LinkedIn to find appropriate people and having meetings to learn. Thereby you are investing in your family and career. Good job! In my next blog, we will discuss a few more suggestions to be prepared. Until then – ciao.

About the Author

rick giorgettiRick has more than 25 years in the talent acquisition industry and strives to understand the challenges his clients are facing. Working with his Gava Talent Solutions teammates, he develops solutions to discuss with those clients. Rick and the GTS team then endeavor to make those ideas a reality to the benefit and success of all those concerned.

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