Get Me Out of Here

Get Me Out of Here!

Finance, technology, human resources. Your background and training doesn’t protect you from it happening. Maybe it’s a change in management or you have hit the “ceiling” in an organization–bottom line is that it’s time to move on! In theory we all know this will happen at some point or another in our career.  If such a situation is generally probable then what are you doing about it today? Are you currently investing in your future?

Just as important as WHAT you know is WHO you know. This may seem obvious, but I have spoken with countless professionals that believe just fixing or updating their resume is the answer to a new position. Take a tip from the great scouting motto – be prepared. Here are some steps for all you professionals out there to expand your contacts.

ABN: Always Be Networking

As, for example, a finance professional you have to close the books; do all the reporting; get plans completed; hire, retain and manage a team; ensure SOX and 606 compliancy; have the right IT systems in place; and more.

Where will you find time to network? That is the challenge. One time efficient place to start is LinkedIn. If you are NOT on LinkedIn, get on it. It’s time to face the music that LinkedIn has won the day. So, make an account, learn how to get around it and connect with people.

Get disciplined. Allocate a few hours a week (e.g. an hour a day) to connecting with past colleagues, college friends, etc. Then spend time in meetings to “catch-up.” Be creative—telephone, lunch, coffee. Minimally it will improve your social skills.

See you next time.

Update: Read Part 2.

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