Hire Like It’s 1999!

Most business executives would agree that people are a key asset to a company’s success. Therefore, talent attraction and acquisition become crucial.

There are the regular and normal challenges one faces in the hiring process: competition, increasing compensation, Bay Area cost of living, and more. On top of these challenges, please add the Silicon Valley 1999 Syndrome of low unemployment rates and a shrinking talent pool. I lived in this environment as a search consultant back then and here we are again.

Just this past week a client was zeroing in on a candidate. It took a few more days than planned so the offer was to be made on a Monday. However, the candidate met with another company (NOT represented by Gava) on Saturday.  An offer of employment was made AND accepted before the end of the weekend.

So, is the answer to just speed up your hiring process? Really? When people are so important to YOUR success?

Of course not! So, what can you do to gain an edge on the two to four other companies vying for a desired candidate? Consider this—

–It is important to gain alignment with your internal team that hiring is a top, if not the, key priority.

–Establish an efficient process with a focus on thoroughness and speed. You must involve decision makers from day one to being committed to making time for the process.

–Many clients wait to see a number of candidates. IF you see THE one, move! Ensure the “must haves” and “niceties” for that position are documented beforehand and when a match is found, trust the prep work and move to the next steps ASAP.

–If you’re not finding the candidate, it’s crucial to gather the decision makers and determine what, if any, adjustments should be considered.

With these tips, you should be able to implement an effective hiring process, come regular or irregular challenges. Here is to your hiring success!

About the Author

rick giorgettiRick has more than 25 years in the talent acquisition industry and strives to understand the challenges his clients are facing. Working with his Gava Talent Solutions teammates, he develops solutions to discuss with those clients. Rick and the GTS team then endeavor to make those ideas a reality to the benefit and success of all those concerned.

Connect with Rick on LinkedIn or reach out at rick.giorgetti@gavatalent.net.

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