Top 6 Ways to Hire the Best Employees

The right employee can make a positive impact on your company’s work environment, boosting productivity and morale. Yet, hiring the right employee is a challenging process involving more than simply scanning resumes and conducting interviews. It is key to remember that you get out of it what you put in, so keep the below best practices in mind to help streamline your hiring process and reach the best talent.

Employer Brand

Building an employer brand is an in-depth, but essential process. According to an Office Vibe report, a strong employer brand not only reduces employee turnover by 28% but helps recruit passive candidates that would otherwise choose another company. The report also found that over 75% of employees are passive candidates, not currently job searching but open to new opportunities. Building a strong employer brand means you won’t have to spend as much time on active recruiting.

Recruiting Strategy

It’s easy to quickly write a fly-by job description and start advertising to candidates on the spot. But like any other project, the hiring process needs goal-setting and a plan to achieve those goals. Sit down key employees and hiring managers to take the first step in hiring the right employee. Develop an outline for the team’s needs and goals and how you will identify and recruit candidates.

Job Description

Having key employees and hiring managers work together can lead to more useful and specific descriptions of open roles. Remember to avoid using clickbait titles like Great Opportunity for Recent Graduates; instead be clear about the role. Additionally, avoid jargon and speak directly to candidates, using ‘you’ instead of ‘the ideal candidate.’

Social Media

Finding candidates for open roles can be simplified by targeting your audience on social media. If you recruit the right candidates, that means less work during the interviewing and hiring process. But in addition to standard background checks on applicants, it has become commonplace to prescreen a candidate’s social media profiles to gain a better idea about the individual as a person and as an employee.

Fit the Personality to the Job

Many employers put out job descriptions that list the responsibilities of a position and the skillset needed. Then they use that as a template to match candidates to a position. But in truth, skills can be acquired. Often, matching a candidate’s personality to the position and the company can be a better determinant of their success in that role.


We have all been on the other end, scoping out potential employers, in search of insider information about a company. Reviews from current and former employees, salary estimates, and interview tips are among the most common things a jobseeker will look for. A Glassdoor survey found 69% of jobseekers are unlikely to apply for a job with a company that has a poor reputation even if they are unemployed. Whether you need to fully redevelop your company culture or simply respond to negative reviews, remain an active participant in establishing the reputation of your organization.

Using these six tips can help you adopt a formalized approach to recruiting, saving you time and helping you identify better fitting candidates.

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