Hiring Considerations during the Holiday Season

Hiring Considerations during the Holiday Season

As the U.S. economy emerges from the COVID-19 recession, and companies are ready to grow their teams, many companies will find themselves bringing on new employees this coming holiday season. But when hiring during the holiday season, there are several issues that can arise.

Some possible issues employers find when hiring during the holidays are hiring budget, scheduling interviews, and competing with year-end bonuses from current employers.

Hiring Budget

Some hiring managers wait to hire in order to reconcile their end of year books. They await the new year’s budget to add to their headcount. One way to work around this possible issue is to use temporary, or temp-to-hire employees. That way one can bring people on, get the help needed, get folks trained, and then convert them when the budget allows.

(Paid Time Off) PTO

Many US workers use PTO in the months of November and December to spend time with loved ones. However due to recent travel restrictions, many will be enjoying staycations this year. This could benefit your company’s interview process as candidates may have more availability for interviews. Yet this is a two-way street. Hiring managers make take time off, making it difficult to complete the interview process in a timely manner.

Year-End Bonuses

Many candidates may have year-end bonuses to compete with when making an offer. During discovery in the interview process, a candidate will say whether they receive a bonus.

It is important near the end of the year to determine when the bonus is expected, as it could affect when a candidate starts. Generally, when a company wants to make someone an offer, they would like the new employee to start within a few weeks. Making an offer in November or December can be tough, as the candidate may want to wait until mid to end of January to receive their year-end bonus before they leave.

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