We provide support from the point of hire to retirement (H2R) – covering staffing, employment documentation, employment law advisory, compensation and benefits, payroll, global mobility, and more.

“Our clients appreciate us as much for our timely chats as they do for our large scale project management. When all you need is a sanity check, we provide you quick access to experts in your time zone.”

Hiring is one of the trickiest processes for global companies and often surprises them with hidden costs and penalties. We guide you on the statutory terms of employment, keep you aware of the pitfalls, and draft documents to manage risk.

Our dedicated experts work with you to handle local and international employment law issues especially in countries with relatively rigid and challenging legal environments. We provide advisory and documentation support for:

  • Workforce relations, including employee consultation and works council
  • Employment contracts
  • Restructurings and saying good bye (reducing workforce, redundancies, terminations)
  • Non competes, employee handbooks, policy and procedures especially relating to equal employment and diversity
  • Statutory requirements for fair-workplace standards, social security law
  • Intellectual property, proprietary or confidential Information agreements
  • Executive contracts and remuneration arrangements
  • Exit strategies
  • Management training on “best practices”
  • Everything else. We love a challenge and will have a pragmatic solution for whatever you throw at us.


Saying Goodbye: Outside of the US, there is no concept akin to “employment at will.” There are legal obligations for both parties and these typically include giving proper notice and following due processes. The rules vary by country but quite often the termination process can get very expensive, very fast. For example, in Italy, Belgium and Spain the costs of the settlement (including mandatory notice periods) can reach three times the base salary. Our HR teams can provide solutions and hands-on support especially when dealing with tricky or unexpected situations.

Whether creating your first international program, taking a second look at current packages or addressing new regulatory concerns, at Gava Talent Solutions, we provide you end-to-end support with advisory, benchmarking, implementation, and ongoing administration.

Our approach is proactive to current market needs and our rewards packages are tailored to your exact needs whether hiring 1 or 1000 employees.

Salary & Benefits Benchmarking. We provide local data on statutory and market rates for vacation, notice periods, sick pay, maternity, 13th/14th month salaries, etc. and act both as an advisor and administrator.

Statutory and Supplemental Benefits: We educate you on statutory and supplemental benefits to be competitive in your industry. Here are just some examples of benefits that are not common for US employers: Contributions to housing funds (which is a mandatory benefit in some countries such as China), travel allowances (mandatory in Japan), profit sharing (mandatory in Mexico), car or car allowance (supplemental benefit in many countries).

Administration: We ensure seamless execution and maintenance of all benefits and insurances from procurement, rollout to renewal. When you have a small workforce, we provide practical solutions and leverage local relationships to procure coverage.

Employee Communication. Effective employee communication is essential to the success of your local schemes and we play an active role in this key area. We will communicate directly with your employees during launch and enrollment, and provide day-to-day support synergistic to the style and culture of your organization. We offer help lines and support documentation (for e.g., welcome package, FAQ’s and trend analysis) to ensure that your employees/ HR department are armed with just the right mix of self-help and advisor support.

Stock Options/ESPP/RSUs: We are with you every step of the way in every location to ensure equity plans are compliant and effective in incentivizing employees.

  • Advice and administration for SOPs, ESPP, RSAs, RSU, SARS, etc.
  • Recommendations on the content and structure of local offerings, document drafting
  • Initial registration, ongoing filings and reporting
  • Calculating and processing any taxable gains which, depending on the country, could be at grant, vesting, exercise or sale
  • Local payroll compliance
  • Supporting annual payroll returns/company stock returns
  • Educating employees about different programs and provide relevant support documentation

From handling immigration, creating assignment letters, filling all the forms to dealing with invoices—we operate not just as an advisor but also as your project manager. Our immigration expertise is backed with relocation support, robust tax planning and existing payroll and HR services. Here are some of things we can help you with:

  • Assignment planning with advice on timing, duration and assignment letter drafting
  • Compensation and benefits planning in alignment with local employment terms, Cost of Living Reports, etc.
  • Immigration including visas, work permits, renewals, dependent visas, upgrades to resident status, etc.
  • School search with support for school registrations, managing fees and deposits
  • Accommodation search in destination country
  • Pet Relocation via a professional company and advisory on required vaccinations/quarantine
  • Shipment & storage
  • Local orientation


Expatriate Tax: We explain core concepts in simple terms and help you and your employee view the interplay of home and host taxes.

  • Pre assignment home and host country tax forecasts.
  • Up-to-date cost of living allowances
  • Tailored and proactive tax advice throughout the assignment including tax equalization
  • Ongoing administration of tax, social security, benefits and salaries in both the home and host countries
  • Working through complex tax issues – including tax residency rules, the interplay of dual tax treaties


For Small Employers: We provide support that works around issues like not having a local entity, absence of local employees when trying to secure a work permit, etc. We even help you operate on a range of short term visas prior to securing a work permit because simply put, sometimes, your employee just needs to be on the ground now.

Gava Talent Solutions has the expertise and knowledge to deliver high quality payroll services across the globe. Our approach is customized to meet your needs.

Services includes:

  • Standardized reporting and analysis
  • Data gathering, validation, and migration
  • Documentation of payroll processes
  • Parallel payroll processing and go live on new system
  • Periodic payroll processing
  • Quarterly reviews and reconciliations of all taxes withheld
  • Help with SOX, internal audit
  • Internal payroll audit, external audit support, payroll tax payments, money movement, payroll tax filings


  • Payroll compliance and training
  • Proficiency in virtually all systems – ADP, Capterra, Celargo, Ceridian, Intuit, Paychex, Safeguard, Sage, Workday and more
  • Dedicated single point of contact for all locations


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Need hiring support for large scale recruitment, our solutions help you grow and then grow with you.


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