Looking for a Job During a Pandemic

There are many people out in the world right now navigating the job market and seeking a new opportunity. With that being said there are two predominant groups of people. Those who have been planning, seeking and hoping for a career change – since even before the pandemic – and those who are facing uncertainty in their roles or may have been a victim of a furlough or layoff.

Regardless of the why behind your job search, I come bearing some good news. There are companies out there hiring, industries thriving and absolutely opportunities to find your next home, so-to-speak. Here are a few tips as you navigate this new and unchartered hiring landscape.

Focus on the Right Industries

Some industries have been more adversely impacted than others. Target industries that are booming and even consider complimentary industries where your skills are transferrable. If you don’t want to shift industries, consider laying the foundation (hello, networking) for a successful search once things pick up again. Which brings me to my next point…

Leverage your Network

Now is the time to say yes to that conversation! Hop on a call with your recruiter, think outside the box and reach out to old friends and mentors. This is a great time to reconnect and approach these calls as an opportunity to cultivate and strengthen your network for the long term. Learn how their company has been impacted by the pandemic. Perhaps you can also gain insights on specific opportunities and where to focus your energy as you progress in your job search.

Take on a Consulting or Temporary Role

When companies decide to reduce their workforce and cannot add headcount, in many instances they are able to hire interim consultants. While you may not have considered temporary work in the past, now might be a great time to get your foot in the door and take on some project based work. In fact, our own company has a team of consultants for which we provide full benefits. These consultants support our clients on a multitude of projects, learn so much during their assignments and in some instances even convert into a full time employee with our Clients. Win-win!

Customize your Job Application

I cannot emphasize this enough. Dissect the job description and make yourself relevant by putting together an intentional resume for the role. Also leverage headhunters and their relationships with hiring managers because they are a direct line to the company. Connect with hiring managers on LinkedIn, following up and expressing gratitude. To sum up, make yourself stand out…in the right ways!

If you can leverage your network, be intentional about the industries you’re pursuing, think outside the box and customize your approach for each job application, you’re sure to have better success in landing your next dream job.

Need help staying focused? Do not hesitate to connect with our recruiters and follow our articles and thought leadership for success during a dynamic recruiting environment.

About the Author

Danielle’s best days at work are when she is talking to candidates and connecting her clients with top talent. With over 10 years of Accounting and Finance industry experience her passions are rooted in her knowledge of the profession and adding value through providing both distinctive client service and a meaningful candidate experience.

Connect with Danielle on LinkedIn or reach out at danielle.helberg@gavatalent.com.