[Podcast] Using Artificial Intelligence for Interviewing Candidates Internationally

AI for human resources is here to stay and it’s being used all around the world in a variety of ways, including interviewing. Gava Talent Solutions President Bill Armstrong teamed up with Globig for this series of AI podcasts. Listen to the previous podcasts in this series: Using AI for Profiling Internationally and Tips for Successfully Recruiting and Hiring International Employees.

Bill shares his insights on how HR is being used to interview candidates globally. In this podcast you will learn about:

  • The specific benefits such as interviewing a large amount of people in a shorter time period, trying to reduce hiring biases, expanding the talent pool, and many other benefits for using AI for interviewing
  • How AI, such as facial expression monitoring for honesty and interest, and pre-interview screening is being used by companies in the interviewing process
  • Get advice about what a company can do to prepare and make sure AI works effectively for their purposes
  • Learn about what job applicants can do to make sure they perform well for AI and interview successfully, especially for non-native English speakers
  • Bill shares some of the challenges of applying AI to interviewing from an international perspective
  • Understanding the costs of setting up and managing AI, and when AI is a good investment and when it is not

About Bill Armstrong

Bill Armstrong guides the strategic direction, expansion, and operation of the global talent acquisition organization Gava Talent Solutions. Bill’s 20 years of experience in the recruitment industry has proven his unique approach to problem solving. From winning awards to improving sales by 160% to launching new service lines, Bill is a leading expert in the field.

This article was originally published on Globig.