How To Do Business Successfully In Canada

[Podcast] How To Do Business Successfully In Canada

In this Globig podcast, GTS President Bill Armstrong discusses strategies for successfully doing business in Canada.

Sometimes the countries that seem most similar to us are the trickiest ones to navigate. When it comes to employment law, benefits, and even business setup, Canada has certain similarities to EU countries and the US in their approach to international expansion. This podcast explores the differences and similarities to help your international expansion go smoother.

We will discuss these important concepts and more.

  1. Some of the biggest differences between that companies are unaware of when expanding their business into Canada.
  2. Culture differences and expectations for doing business and hiring.
  3. Key things to know about entity and business setup.
  4. Taxes.
  5. Hiring – finding talent, required and expected benefits, salaries, payroll setup, and unique labor laws.
  6. New trade and tariff issues.

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