Podcast - Recruiting Effectively Despite Brexit

[Podcast] Recruiting Effectively Despite Brexit

After a long legal process, it appears Brexit has finally become a reality. As much chaos as it has already caused, the confusion and uncertainty will, unfortunately, still be a reality for the forseeable future. The only true certainty is the impact will be huge and far-reaching.

Of particular concern to us is how Brexit will impact the international business community for those doing business in the UK. How will you navigate hiring and recruiting in the wake of Brexit? How do you mitigate some of the uncertainty around it? And how do you navigate the impacts that are more likely to happen?

Bill Armstrong speaks with Anke Corbin, CEO and Founder of Globig to help navigate this complex issue.

Some Topics Explored

  1. Because a No-Deal Brexit is the most likely scenario, defining what it is and the important issues raised regarding hiring/recruiting
  2. Ireland and the EU and how they will be impacted
  3. The parameters of Minimum Threshold for Migrant Workers in the UK
  4. Advice for recruiting in a time of uncertainty
  5. How Brexit changes things when it comes to sourcing great candidates
  6. Attracting, hiring, and retaining top professionals for your business, post Brexit

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 This article was originally published on Globig.

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