Podcast - Tips for Successfully Hiring and Recruiting International Employees

[Podcast] Tips for Successfully Recruiting & Hiring International Employees

Gava Talent Solutions President Bill Armstrong teamed up with CEO and Founder of Globig, Anke Corbin to discuss tips for successfully recruiting and hiring international employees. Some of the topics covered in this podcast are listed below.

  1. How companies should prepare prior to setting out to recruit candidates internationally.
  2. Characteristics and skills to look for that lead to great international employees, especially if working remote.
  3. Preparation for taking care of your employees in a new market from remote offices to local HR support.
  4. Local expectations from employees – beyond compliance.
  5. Tips for making your company stand out in a hot market.
  6. Recruiting support you can get from outside firms including compliance and advice for success.
  7. Local labor regulations such as interviews, offer letters, and background checks.
  8. Costs that often surprise employers and add up quickly.

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About Bill Armstrong

Bill Armstrong guides the strategic direction, expansion, and operation of the global talent acquisition organization Gava Talent Solutions. Bill’s 20 years of experience in the recruitment industry has proven his unique approach to problem solving. From winning awards to improving sales by 160% to launching new service lines, Bill is a leading expert in the field.

This article was originally published on Globig.