5 Tips to Recruiting Passive Talent in a Competitive Market

3 Tips for Recruiting Passive Talent in a Competitive Market

Individuals who are not actively looking for a job are considered passive candidates. It is likely they are content in their current role; however, they are likely to make a career move if a better opportunity arises. Here are some tips to improve your chances of recruiting passive talent.

  1. Employer Branding

Employer branding has emerged as an important technique to catch the eye of a passive candidate. Leveraging social media is an effective tool to increase your brand awareness, post jobs, and vet candidates. Researching which social media platform work best for specific markets and job postings can increase your reach exponentially. Further, content marketing like infographics and blogs can help you develop a consistent brand message and improve your chances of attracting passive candidates.

  1. Referrals

An excellent way to promote your company and organization culture is by getting referrals from existing employees. Not only do some of the best candidates come through employee referrals, but candidates are more likely to land an interview, get hired faster, and stay in a position longer. This allows your employees to act as brand advocates who refer their social connections and professional networks into your talent community.

  1. Competitive Offer

A competitive salary is always crucial, yet a more comprehensive package may be necessary to attract top talent. It is vital to assess what a candidate might be missing in their current role. The key is to offer something that would encourage a passive candidate to switch companies, like flexible work hours, growth opportunities, stock options, and health benefits.

These techniques can help you generate a large talent pool and recruit passive candidates more effectively. But it is important to remember that a joint effort from recruiters and hiring managers will pay off in the future.

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