Say Yes to the Interview

Have you ever heard the saying that whether or not you are looking to make a move, “you should always be interviewing”? I honestly used to think this was nonsense, until I recently made a career move. I realized I had a lot of catching up to do to understand both the market I was jumping into and what I was really seeking in my next role. So, here are the reasons you should say yes to the interview.

Practice Makes Perfect

While nothing in this world is perfect, the only way to refine your interview skills is to well, interview! The more you interview the easier it gets and honestly, the more fun it is too. This also makes it easier to say “yes” to the next conversation.

Build Your Network

You know what they say, your network is your net worth. Take the time to build your network or get on the phone with a recruiter and make a connection. If the opportunity you’re discussing is not a perfect fit, perhaps one in the future will be and now you have some more social capital.


There is a lot of learning to be had when you hop on the phone for an interview and it is a win-win-win. You might just:

  • Gain some valuable context and realize exactly what it is you’re looking for in your next move.
  • Learn about an emerging company and, even better, understand the types of roles available to you in your area of expertise.
  • Have an opportunity to gain insight into the temperature of the market and your value within that market.
  • Realize what you have to be grateful for in your current position, creating additional job satisfaction.
  • Find your next great opportunity!

It really is that simple.

Be sure to look out for my next post on ‘Preparing for the Initial Phone Screen’ after you say yes to the interview!

About the Author

Danielle’s best days at work are when she is talking to candidates and connecting her clients with top talent. With over 10 years of Accounting and Finance industry experience her passions are rooted in her knowledge of the profession and adding value through providing both distinctive client service and a meaningful candidate experience.

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