5 Talent Acquisition Tips from our Top Recruiters

5 Talent Acquisition Tips from our Top Recruiters

It is not rare to hear stories of companies with high employee turnover and repetitive hiring – whether they are small or large, local or global, young or old. Why do so many entrepreneurs and managers go through hiring experiences that fall short of their expectations? What is the difference between companies that are burdened with this high turnover and companies that manage it with ease?

The key to avoiding repetitive hiring is to keep sight of your long-term goals and staying true to your company culture. Here are 5 tips from our top recruiters to help you improve your talent acquisition process.


Businesses need to pay attention to their long-term plans and growth projections rather than industry trends or staffing models. Hiring an influencer marketing manager may not be the best decision when your business has just started off. Prepare a long-term timeline for your business growth and talent acquisition needs to ensure the hiring conforms to your requirements.

Specific Job Description

The job description for an open position in your organization should not sound generic. If not specifically targeted for the right talent, employers often end up receiving countless applications that makes it difficult to pick the right candidate.

Predictive Analytics

Big data analytics has emerged as a game changer for many businesses, and this is true in the talent acquisition space as well. Although it is unlikely you need a full-time data analytics company to evaluate the effectiveness of your hiring efforts, it is imperative that your HR process is dynamic and the hiring decisions are based on real-time analytics.

Intelligence vs. Experience

While many consider experience the most important aspect of an employee, hiring a candidate based solely on this can backfire. For example, a professional who has been in a set up for a reasonably long period may find it challenging to adapt to a new environment, aggressive timelines, or minimal resources. It is crucial to choose a candidate with not only relevant work experience, but the ability to adapt to your company.

Initiate Referral Programs

Social and professional networks allow you to connect with a larger pool of available talent. It is smart to utilize your professional network and the network of your current employees. Further, potential candidates and future employees can engage with you and your company’s community while learning more about your business through social media. Online platforms allow you to find a steady source of talent acquisition for your organization.

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