Tips for Virtual Onboarding - A More Permanent Solution

Tips for Virtual Onboarding: A More Permanent Solution

The task of onboarding an employee back in the days of non-COVID seemed so much easier for both managers and employees. In today’s business climate, companies have had to figure out a better way to onboard employees remotely. While this can be challenging, I look at it as a way to open doors to not only a larger talent pool but a larger footprint for your company.

At Gava Talent Solutions we have learned some tips and tricks that might help as you continue to onboard people in this “New World of Remote” we all live in.

Step 1: Be Organized – Way Ahead of Time

Onboarding Documents

Whether it’s the W-4, I-9, Company Application, or Network Access Form, it’s always crucial to have everything on a check list and numbered. That way, all documents sent and received will stay in good order and you have less likelihood of having anything slip through the cracks.

pdfs and jpegs

To make your life much simpler, make your onboarding forms a fillable pdf format. This will cut down your time going back and forth and lower your chances of misplacing paperwork. If you are not sure how to do this, you can easily Google it and get some direction.

Welcome to the Team

There is nothing like receiving a gift basket and company swag when joining a new company. You will make your new employee feel like you are excited to have them start and it will help them feel part of the team.

Step 2: Getting Them Up to Speed

Study Materials

Many people that start a new job have a hard time just knowing where to start. Day one is a great opportunity for you to provide the new employee with some standard operating procedures concerning their job. You can also share information concerning products, clients, blogs and news articles on your company.

Zoom Frequently

Remote employees still need face to face interaction with their team. Zoom is a great way to get training done and get your employee up to speed. And you have the ability to share your screen to make sure they can login to their required software and answer questions. If you can’t use Zoom, there are other platforms for business use that are free like Google Meets.

Step 3: Meeting the Team

Connect with LinkedIn

Give the employee a list of people in the department with whom they might be working with. That way they can connect with their team online. A quick note and connect on LinkedIn is a great way for them to interact with coworkers they will be working with or (eventually) sitting by.

Designate A Go-To Work Buddy

Being the new employee in the department can be lonely. You then add to that everyone being remote and that can cause down right depression. Designate someone on the team to be the go-to or “buddy” for the new employee. This will help them feel like they are part of something bigger than themselves. This person could be the one that can answer questions, help with training, and show the new employee how things are done.

TeleComm Again

Our company uses RingCentral as our platform for face to face video calls. We hold a monthly all hands meeting where management introduces each new employee and they talk a little about themselves. Depending on the size of your company you may not be able to do that; however, doing a face to face intro with your team will help people put a face to a name.

Virtual Lunch

One of the things we have tried the past few months is a virtual lunch between new employees and either their team or a C-Suite executive. We arranged to have meals ordered and delivered to each person’s home. Then they go on RingCentral to sit, eat, chat, and get to know each other. It is very effective in getting the employee familiar and comfortable with some of our key managers and employees.

No matter how you look at it a remote workforce in some form is now inevitable. Making the onboarding a cleaner process will help with a great employee experience and enhance your company brand. They will feel like a part of the team and will thank you for it!

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