Scenarios in Which a Recruitment Agency Can Help

There are many scenarios in which you may need an agency to assist you in finding talent. Let’s dig in to a few and see if any apply to your current recruiting situation.

You may not have a recruiter on staff.

Not having a recruiter on staff is common in smaller companies or new startups. Paying for a full time employee can be expensive when accounting for the cost of benefits, employment insurance, and salary. If you use an agency recruiter from time to time, those additional costs are not involved – you only need to pay a fee when you actually hire the new employee. Furthermore, agency recruiters are generally specialized while human resources recruiters may not be. The agency recruiter will have a network of people within the industry you are searching and their speed to hire can be very quick. As a small company or startup, a recruiter could save you time and money while helping you find the right candidate.

You may need a confidential search to backfill a position before you let someone go.

Unfortunately, sometimes you need to let someone go. For many key positions, you cannot leave the role empty while searching for a replacement. You also do not want to post an employee’s position on the company website or job board; this could create a hostile work environment for the person soon to be let go. It is a very common practice to use an agency to find a replacement. Many hiring managers find it to be a helpful way to keep the company running smoothly.

You want access to the 50% of the workforce who are not looking for a new job.

Employing the right talent is something every company desires. Yet according to, 50% of the workforce is not looking for a new opportunity. So what percentage of potential candidates actually see your open positions, whether posted on a company website or job boards? How can one reach these employees? An agency recruiter’s network consists of people who may not be looking for a new opportunity, but may be willing to consider something special. A good agency recruiter will have the ability to directly reach out to people at work, present them the opportunity, and recruit them for the position they did not know existed. These candidates are not regularly applying to new positions so this is an effective way to access someone, even from a direct competitor. With US unemployment rate at 4% (March 2019), companies need to be agile and make sure they attract top talent. Agency recruiting is one way to do this.

Whether your company is small or a startup, you need a confidential backfill, or you want to make sure you are able to review all available talent in the workforce, using a recruiting agency is a great way to address any of these needs.

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Charles has a great passion for finding the ‘nearly impossible to find’ candidate. With 7 years’ experience in recruiting, he has specialized in marketing, business development, accounting and finance, and engineering roles.

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